A solid foundation of 20 years’ experience, responsibility and global contacts combined with a wide variety of skills and experience can be moulded and adapted to fit your needs.


Niche Markets – how to expand your business into a new, different or niche market.

Product development – would you like your business to diversify into a new destination or region?

Product Management – do you need someone to oversee your business in a certain area?

Strategy – need a new plan or fresh advice?

Research – need assistance to research destinations, hotels, markets, gap analysis?

Design – innovative suggestions for holidays, brand and itineraries.

Marketing – is your marketing and promotional literature effective?

Search/Recruit – are you looking for a specific person to recruit, property to buy/sell or charitable project to support?


Negotiation – need an experienced negotiator to meet your deadline or to complete a tender process ensuring you have the best possible deal?

Commercial maximisation – are you optimising opportunities to increase profitability?


Trouble shooting – do you need an experienced traveller to visit your hotel or company incognito?

Mystery Shopper – having difficulties identifying problems you are encountering, need to develop a plan/strategy to move forward?

Customer Service Control & Management – your customer feedback is not as you had hoped, how can it be improved?


Coordination & Planning – one off events around the world for you or your business to include accommodation and logistics.


Tailor made travel, Bespoke Requirements – do you have your own wanderlust dreams, but you just don’t have the time or know how to arrange it?

Concierge Services – need that something special to be arranged?

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