DonnaQuid Pro Quo was born as a result of its founder Donna Quinlan’s 20 years of first-hand experience in the ‘Travel & Tourism’ sector of the hospitality industry.

A far reaching network of contacts around the world, together with the experience of a variety of diverse cultures stretching from the Caribbean and Americas in the west to Japan in the Far East, has resulted in a vast knowledge and understanding of how multi-national requirements are met.

With extensive experience of working within a large UK corporation with worldwide interests, Donna has learned how best to adapt those skills, that experience and those contacts in order to satisfy your needs.

QPQ is a bespoke Travel & Tourism consultancy offering an array of services and it strongly believes in an exchange of values with a ‘win-win’ formula. From large corporate entities to individuals, QPQ aims to offer their services to their clients on a strictly ‘quid pro quo’ basis.

Please feel free to contact us whatever your enquiry may be! +44 (0)203 7733446 | donna@qpqconsultancy.com